Get Wrapped UP

Get Wrapped up in Gold!

Get Wrapped up in Jade!

Get Wrapped up in Pearls!

Get Wrapped up in Silk and Silver!

I LOVE getting Wrapped Up in Things!!

Wanted to share with you the new things I am working on. I am absolutely in love with Chan Luu!! Who isn't??

Anyway, rather than spending $300 on one of her leather wrap bracelets, I decided to try and make one. I kinda got carried away. Check out my latest projects. They are shown on Etsy.com and will be showcased on August 8th.


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  2. very cool. a good friend of mine left our consulting firm (after she and I were both downsized!) to start her own jewelry design shop (on Etsy too!) two years ago. she's very happy and loving her new simplified, creative life.

    is it fair you're so talented? btw, if you haven't, read "the alchemist" for some inspiration. - John g.

  3. HI!!! I missed hearing from you...I must say...I have not kept up with my blog readings lately...so I am definitely to blame. I will read 'the alchemist.' I have a huge list of books in my nightstand which are waiting to be read...but I have heard so much about the alchemist...I will place it one from the top :)))
    Also...there are others far more talented than I am...and I know you have a great gift yourself...so look who's talking.
    So happy to hear from you. I hope you are superb :)

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  5. agreed, LBW, i miss our little bon mots back and forth!! wanted to tell you that there is a farmer's market on wknds in playa vista that allows jewelry vendors to hawk their wares as well (once a month, i believe). my friend will be there tomorrow selling her stuff (if the weather holds up!).

    you should look into it ... just a thought!


  6. I really like the first bracelet! :) Good work!